The best liquid waste disposal method

April 30, 2021

* This article is about liquid waste management.

Common liquid waste disposal method

1. Liquid collection. In some cases, this step could be very difficult. (like drilling, mining, etc.)

2. Liquid transfer (to the transfer station). This step is usually to use vacuum trucks which brings expensive transfer costs.

3. Changed into a solid. To meet landfill solids criteria, the liquid waste would be mixed with sawdust, woodchips, or pulp waste in the transfer station. This process brings up to 300% more waste volume.

Better liquid waste disposal method - sodium polyacrylate

Consider the steps of the common liquid waste method, we believe the key is to find a better way to change the liquid waste into a solid form. And sodium polyacrylate would be the best choice.

As a superabsorbent polymer, sodium polyacrylate can absorb hundreds of times its original weight in purified water. In this process, the powder from sodium polyacrylate becomes a water gel that locks water strongly.



Sodium polyacrylate can be used to dispose of liquid waste everywhere (even in the mine) and also brings lots of benefits:

1. Reduce Risk

Eliminates the risk of transporting hazardous liquid waste streams

2. Reduce Cost

Lower Costs of transport;

Lower Costs of dumping (waste reduction);

3. Big improvements in efficiency

Liquid waste can be solidified in minutes versus days for common methods

4. Eco-Friendly

As an eco-friendly material, sodium polyacrylate can be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water, sodium, etc.

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