The Agricultural Water Retention Agent - Potassium Polyacrylate

April 30, 2021

It is a kind of high molecular polymer with a hydrophilic group. It appears odorless and tasteless white granule. It will form hydrogels of 100-200 times water absorption while swelling slowly in water.

Water Retention Agent Specifications

- Water-saving protection. The water-retaining agent has strong water absorption function, high water absorption rate and can store water effectively, and has repeated cycles of “water absorption, water shortage, and water release”, Even under the condition of irrigation, water can be saved by 50%, Inhibit water evaporation.

- Preservation and fruit preservation. The water retention agent can increase the seed germination rate, the survival rate of seedling transplanting, up to 98%, and shorten the slow seedling period, maintain the soil temperature, continuously balance the water supply, increase the fruit setting rate effectively, Reduce the fruit burst, fruit cracking rate and improve fruit quality.

-Improving the soil, scattered sand. The secondary saline-alkali soil can be improved. At the same time promote soil microbial development and prolong the wilting period of plants.

-The water-retaining agent will absorb and store the nutrients in the water-soluble fertilizer together with water, reduce the loss of fertilizer and prolong the utilization of fertilizer.

-Safety and environmental protection: non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, does not pollute plants, soil, and groundwater. The final decomposition products are carbon dioxide, water, and sodium polyacrylate ions without any residue.

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