Sodium Polyacrylate for Your Plants? It's Time to Stop !

April 30, 2021

agriculture grade super absorbent polymer

We can see many articles and videos show how to use a super absorbent polymer to retaining water for plants. This way can reduce the times you water the plants and also seems cool! Is super absorbent polymer harmful to plants? The answer is yes if you use industrial-grade super absorbent polymer -- sodium polyacrylate.

Technically, the agriculture-grade super absorbent polymer can really help plants to retain water and absolutely non-pollution. Many reports show super absorbent polymer can increase the yield in an arid region. like this :

sodium polyacrylate is not an agriculture super absorbent polymer

Super absorbent polymer is a function polymer that can absorb water and lock it. The agriculture grade super absorbent polymer we said is meaning "potassium polyacrylate"--not sodium polyacrylate. Now let us see the most difference between them:

-Potassium polyacrylate contains potassium element--which is helpful for plants and can improve the structure.

-Sodium polyacrylate contains sodium element--which is useless for plants and will give rise to soil hardening.

Then what is sodium polyacrylate used for? It can be widely used in industrial products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, protection material of concrete, waterproof tape, and waterproof ointment.

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