Sodium Polyacrylate for Leaked Wastewater Treatment

June 14, 2021

Super absorbent material

Sodium polyacrylate (also called SAP), as a super absorbent material, can be the best choice for leaked wastewater treatment.

It is completely harmless to the natural environment and can absorb waste water thousands of times its own weight in a few seconds.

Applications Details

Environmental Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Sodium polyacrylate can stably and quickly absorb toxic waste liquid and turn it into a solid gel. The gel is easy to handle at low cost.

Low-Level Radioactive Waste

The transportation and processing costs of radioactive waste streams are high. And once it spreads, the cost will increase greatly. At this time, sodium polyacrylate can treat waste for the first time and prevent diffusion.

Wastewater Treatment & Sludge Solidification

In the process of dredging and mining minerals, a lot of liquid wastes that are difficult to handle with pumps are generated. Sodium polyacrylate is very suitable for treating these liquid wastes containing solids.

Medical Waste

Medical waste often contains high viscosity, protein or infectiousness. Sodium polyacrylate can quickly absorb medical waste into a gel, which is convenient for quick packing and isolation treatment.

Municipal Sewage Treatment Waste

The extremely high absorption efficiency of sodium polyacrylate can fully meet the needs of urban sewage treatment.

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