Beware of defective sodium polyacrylate

April 30, 2021

*This article is about sodium polyacrylate, fake sodium polyacrylate, and reliable sodium polyacrylate manufacturer.

Overview of sodium polyacrylate

Basic information


name sodium polyacrylate/sodium basic superabsorbent polymer
appearance white granule
chemical formula [−CH2−CH(CO2Na)−]n
CAS Number 2594415
density 1.22 g/cm3
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) SOCO MSDS by SGS
water solubility insoluble
physical property non-toxic, harmless, nonpolluting
absorption of purified water 100-1000 times (weight)
mainly uses absorbent material (in diapers)

The defective sodium polyacrylates

There are three defective sodium polyacrylate types. We can name them: yellow type defective, tiny particles type defective, and recycled type defective.

1. Where's defective sodium polyacrylate from?

2. Defects

Yellow type defective

Yellow-type defective sodium polyacrylate would be produced when the temperature is over in the drying process.


-The water absorption capacity is weaker than the common product;

-The color usually could be yellow or dark.

Tip: Some improved potassium polyacrylate (agriculture purpose) would also be yellow, dark, or black. There's a big difference between them.

Tiny particle type defective

Tiny particle type defective sodium polyacrylate would be produced by smashing & sifting process.


The tiny particle will weaken the liquid permeability which is important for paper diapers.

Recycle type

In normal conditions, recycled sodium polyacrylate is most used in wastewater control.

Tip: To earn more money, some profiteers would sell recycled sodium polyacrylate as common sodium polyacrylate.

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